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Business Solutions

Security & Port Solutions

BORNEOPORT has the security solutions that seaports need, from perimeter security to mission critical protection.


BORNEOPORT for multiple levels of security solutions throughout your facilities.

Therefore ensures that your people, equipment and facility will be better protected against events that can keep your business from operating at full capacity.


Ports are a Business hub — any down time means lost revenue.


BORNEOPORT enables situational awareness of the entire secure area by streamline your overall operation with a port-specific security management platform that integrates various security subsystems such as

Access Control, Identity Management, Video Surveillance & Perimeter Intrusion Detection.


BORNEOPORT MOBILE SECURITY SERVICES consists of convoy escort teams, private security details and fixed-site security forces varies depending on client requirements.


Warehouse & Distribution


BORNEOPORT offers a complete range of warehousing and distribution functions and services with well-equipped storage facilities or warehousing facilities and can best caters your storage and packing needs whether it is temporary, short term, long term, containers storage, or for permanent contract for high-valued items.


Our warehouse is facilitated with Alarm Intrusion Systems and also CCTVs.

BORNEOPORT offers commercial and industrial warehouse space rental.


If you’re looking for warehouse space, distribution or transportation services in Port Klang, Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia, look no further, BORNEOPORT offer full logistics services ranging from:-


  • Short and Long term rentals

  • Storage spaces at Competitive prices

  • State of the art security and monitoring

  • Store and manage clients inventory

  • Rely on BORNEOPORT distribution service to deliver client products to their customers.

  • Labeling and coding client product

  • Pick and Pack service

    Sizing and sorting client product


    Re-boxing or re-labeling of cartons

    Store order pre-packing

Cargo Handling Equipment

We understand the importance of offering our customers a wide choice of modern, reliable equipment and also providing the right equipment to meet your cargo-handling requirements is an important facet of BORNEOPORT's equipment management program.

Our equipment is readily accessible, and a state-of-the-art computer system is able to pinpoint its position anywhere in the transportation chain.

Regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections ensure that our equipment is in top condition at all times. We believe that providing clean, well-maintained equipment is a part of the first-class service you've come to expect from BORNEOPORT


Container Haulage

BORNEOPORT provides trucking services with its own modern fleet of Prime Movers and Trailers that equipped with modern tracking systems to enable contact with haulage vehicles on the road.


Numerous other medium and small-sized operators truck conventional cargoes to destinations in the state.


Meanwhile, a block rail feeder service operates to specific destinations and a freight liner service takes care of container deliveries to outstation clients.


Collection & Delivery Services

Small parcels, Air freight & Sea freight


  • Time or day definite delivery.

  • Door to door collection and delivery facilities.

  • Customs brokerage.

  • Full track and trace visibility.

  • Proof of delivery.

  • Round the clock support.


Port Security

Port Security


Manpower Services

Manpower Services


Container Haulage

Container Haulage


Port Equipment

Port Equipment





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